Resort 2014 Runway Fashion & Trends

The runway scene has been featuring Resort 2014 fashion wear and it has led us to question, "What exactly is resort wear?" and "Why are they all so different?"
According to our Google search, resort wear falls in between the winter holiday and the spring seasons, where many people take vacation breaks to somewhere warmer and tropical (i.e. Bahamas, Cancun, Hawaii, etc.) That, of course, applying to those who can afford it. But what about those who are stuck in the cold weather? Do you really expect us to brace the frostbiting weather in skirts and light maxi dresses? NO.
So how can we apply the runway's resort wear phenomena into our own personal styles? Apply it to our summer and early Fall wardrobes, of course! Afterall, the collections are coming out, and the sun is too. So lets get to it! Read through some of our favorite resort wear collections and how you can apply each brands' styles into your own outfit. 
 BCBG Max Azria Resort 2014
We see vertical panels with mixed fabrics in BCBG's Resort 2014 line. We can't say we love it, but we definitely do not hate it. Especially that studded floral moto jacket on the far left photo above. That would be a must-have for the early fall season. 
 Chanel Resort 2014
Oh, Karl, you have once again transformed the basic color palettes of white, black, blue, and beige into something extraordinary while maintaining Chanel's classic beauty. As you can see by the sheer number of runway photos we mashed together, there were too many we liked to whittle down into one simple image. We loved the whole collection because it was so very Chanel-esque that we couldn't resist putting almost everything up here! Massive amounts of pearls cascaded the necklines of cream-white dresses, adorned the models small waists, and rested on swinging wrists without looking too overdone or too over-the-top. Simply put: It was classic Chanel. Somehow the line was new while maintaining its traditional look all at the same time. Chanel's Resort 2014 wear is the perfect example of how to maintain classic chic femininity for when the weather starts cooling down...and for how one can be class as fu...

Donna Karen Resort 2014
By far, Donna Karen Resort 2014 collection was our favorite. We love the printed pants and how the line demonstrated the designer's understanding of the way fabric flows, resulting in effortless chic appeal. We fell in love with the off-white and navy blue halter dress that mixed solid lines with the polka dots (far right bottom corner picture). We loved that one in particular because it was interesting and absolutely stunning. If only we got to see it in person (insert sad face here)! Overall the line was the perfect mod, chic resort wear that we can wear both inside and outside the city. The white cape dress (2nd from the left, top row) is another stunning number that we can picture ourselves wearing to a gala event in the city or to a nice dinner date by the tropical beach. From the lavish capes, tulip-like skirt hems, and asymmetrical balance, this line is yet another great example of how you can alter this fall's wardrobe and give it a taste of spring/summer. 

Moschino Cheap & Chic Resort 2014
Moschino showed their flower wild child side in their resort 2014 collection that looked as if it were targeted for high-end Coachella attendees. Well, if you read our rant about the stereotypical trends of Coachella here and here, you'll be pleasantly surprised by what we have to say about Moschino. Microdaisies, cotton candy tie dye, macramé lace, crochet maxi dresses, and peace in clouds tunics gave away that the theme Moschino Cheap & Chic was based on the hippie-loving 1960s. It was a collection that demonstrated the brand's attempt to penetrate the music festival market and did so in its usual high-fashion ways. We loved the free spirited take on their resort wear that we would say is more summer appropriate.

Oscar de la Renta 
Oscar de la Renta is known mostly for his gorgeous gowns that dress many star-studded events along the red carpet, so there's no taming the beast, even if it's supposed to be for resort wear. Although the designer has attempted to incorporate his designs in casual wear, his forte was and always will be in his gowns. However, his peplum topped outfits were divine along with the prominent presence of floral prints in this collection, giving off a spring/summer feel. 

Versace Resort 2014
Edgy, abstract, black and white, and leather was apparently the theme Versace went for in their resort wear that sided on the punk side, which is not unusual for Versace. We fell in love with the monotonic abstract prints pictured on the male and female paired models. However, it did remind us of Zoo York, which we still love. We love the brand's use of leather to demonstrate that resort wear does not always have to be tropical-themed, and veered toward city street fashion that would be great for the fall and winter. Especially that black trench coat with double gold safety pin brooches. That brooch....we must have it now! Not only is it a statement maker, but also a great conversation starter especially at a holiday party. 
 Zac Zac Posen Resort 2014
What we loved more than Zac Posen's resort line was the fabulous model that made the clothes look that more whimsical than a stoic model ever could. But besides the amazing model, the clothes itself was perfect winter resort wear. Those lime yellow pants, that metallic green moto jacket, that color palette, everything about Zac Posen's resort line was just fabulous. The collection demonstrates the perfect way to bring spring in after the cold winter, and features heavier items that can shield you from the cold. We loved the use of loafers as well, because who would want to walk through the snow or the sand in stiletto heels? Overall, we loved Zac Zac Posen's Resort 2014 collection, which gives a sneak peak into colors that may or may not be hot the next year. 
If you could take anything away from this post, it would be that resort wear has no rules and that everyone would wear them whether they're away on vacation or a staycation. Although the resort season dictates its styles to be implemented during the winter/spring season, we urge you to use runway fashion to influence how you dress in the now. But to sum everything up in a nutshell, the Resort 2014 wear is about prints, mixed fabrics, leather, flowy silhouettes, accented colors, and lots of blacks, beiges, and whites.

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